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Wattpad - Read & Write Stories on the App Store

Nowadays reading and writing became a part of our life. Some loves to read newspaper, some loves to write articles, some loves to read their course books ,some loves to read fiction books or some loves to write fiction books. But sometimes, they didn't get time to visit a books shop or buy some to read, because of their busy schedule. Then you are at the right place, here I am telling you all about an app which may help you with this problem. If you are a book lover (like me) then you must download this application called Wattpad.

Wattpad - Read & Write Stories on the App Store

Wattpad privides you free books to read. It's an app where you can find millions and millions of books without any problem and without taking any subscription.

So if you didn't get about this app yet, then let me make you understand.

First let's talk about those who wants to write.

There are a lot of people who wants to find a carriar in writing. Who wants to become author, but couldn't find any publication house according to their needs.

Those people can or do write on Wattpad to get to know about thier writing values. For example, if a writer us writing a book on Wattpad, then there are people who read that book and do vote/like and comments. If you are getting a lot of votes or reads that means people are liking your work. If not, then there must be some things which are making them not to read your book or your books didn't reached them yet.

If you want your books to be liked,then you should make an impressive Cover, use a different Name and at last try to write a description which a reader found attractive. It must not reveal the story but leave some suspence, which may leave reader to find out by reading it by their self.

So let me start with the starting. When you will open Wattpad app, you first have to login. You can logging into it just like any other app, with your Google ID or Facebook ID. Then there you will see some different tabs. A home tab, where you can find about new updates or suggested books. Search tab is to search for you kind of books, you can find them according to your favourite genre. It can be Romantic, Thriller, Mystery, Adventure, Non fiction, Fantasy, horror or even Poems. Then there is a library tab. You can save your books here to read them offline. It's up to you if you want to read them online or offline. Notification tab is next, where all the updates regarding your who had followed you or voted for your book, who had commented on your book. You will find a News Feed column where updates regarding the people whom you are following will be shown.

Then there is a writing tab. You can write your books. Two columns are there, one about the books which you had published or second is the folder of those books which are in draft. Its up to you when you want to upload it.

Write Stories on the App Store

There is one more thing you should know that it's not compulsory to publish your book in a day only. You can update it chapter wise. According to your schedule.

Next will be your profile. You can add bio of yourself. And your works (books you are working on) will be shown in your profile. And one more thing that's interesting is Reading List. You can add your favourite book in your reading list and people who will visit you profile will get to know about those books and read the.

it's a good thing for a writer if someone add their book in reading list. It may help to promote about that.

And then there comes Paid Books. It's a content of Wattpad to help writer to gain through thier writing. When a book is changed into a piad one by the author then you have to pay for it to read. You can bio coins by digital paying and then you can read those books. And then it up to you if you wanna read them or not. There still be a lot of free books to read. Which you can read anytime anywhere.

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