Lack Of Communication

Google Defends Lack Of Communication Around Search Updates

Google regularly updates its search algorithms with thousands of unannounced tweaks annually, sparking discussions around transparency. While the company openly shares details regarding broad core algorithm updates, it refrains from announcing every minor adjustment or tweak1. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this approach and explore related top search keywords.

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Lack of Communication: A Common Concern

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, addressed ongoing concerns about communication regarding search algorithm updates. When site owners experience volatility after major updates, they often seek explanations. Glenn Gabe, an industry expert, questioned why Google doesn’t provide information about fluctuations following the March core update.

The Volume of Updates

Sullivan clarified that Google continuously updates its search ranking systems, implementing around 5,000 updates per year across different algorithms and components. Many of these are minor adjustments that would go unnoticed by most users. Imagine receiving notifications for each update: “Hi, it’s 1:14 pm — we just did an update to system 112!” or “Hi, it’s 2:26 pm — we just did an update to system 34!”.

Balancing Transparency and User Experience

While Google considers these changes minor, combining thousands of tweaks can lead to significant shifts in rankings and traffic. However, the company focuses on major updates rather than inundating creators with constant notifications about minor adjustments. Sullivan emphasized that this type of communication probably isn’t useful to content creators1.

Ongoing Shifts Beyond Algorithm Adjustments

Apart from algorithm updates, search results can fluctuate due to the dynamic nature of web content. Google’s ranking systems continually process new information. Existing systems remain unchanged, but the data they process is constantly evolving. Balancing transparency with user experience remains a challenge for Google.

In summary, Google’s communication strategy aims to strike a balance between transparency and practicality. While major updates receive attention, minor tweaks occur silently in the background. As site owners, understanding this approach helps navigate the ever-evolving search landscape.

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